Luckee Lynx by TJ McKaye

Luckee Lynx by TJ McKaye
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 495 KB

A secret order that runs the world. It’s a conspiracy of the world’s elites in control of finance, technology, and the most advanced defenses one can imagine.

They’re the ones behind every major world event, every person in power, every movement in the markets. The shadows are where they live, unseen. This is by design. But what happens when one man threatens that order?

Ti Riley’s world comes apart when his father, a ruthless Wall Street banker, wrecks the family. To support his mother and to strike back against the system, he becomes the dark web criminal known by his online handle, ‘Luckee’.

What starts off as petty crimes online becomes more dangerous as Luckee gains entry into this hidden world. What he learns will change the world forever. Yet will he join this secret order and gain the power he’d only dreamed of to smash the system? Or is what he finds not all that it seems?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller