Love Songs for a Lost Continent by Anita Felicelli

Love Songs for a Lost Continent by Anita Felicelli
English | 2018 | General Fiction | ePUB | 727 KB

A sharp, lyrical thriller of power, religion, and artificial intelligence. The world has changed, but Jerusalem endures. Overlooked by new superpowers, the Holy City of the future is a haven of spies and smugglers, exiles and extremists.A refugee with strange technological abilities searches for a place to disappear.An ambitious young criminal plots the heist that could make or destroy him.A corrupt minister harnesses the power of the past in a ruthless play for power.And the wheels of another plan – as old and intricate as the city itself – begin to turn…

Elephants In The Pink City
Love Songs for a Lost Continent
Hema And Kathy
Once Upon The Great Red Island
The Logic of Someday
Everywhere, Signs
Wild Things
The Art of Losing
Swans And Other Lies
The Lookout

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Categories:   Contemporary