Limbo Island series Box Set by Simon Farrant

Limbo Island series Box Set by Simon Farrant
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 697 KB

A journey through the Limbo Island trilogy, a series that is heartbreaking yet heartwarming adventure. It is a contemporary fantasy, mystery, take on the afterlife.

1. Too Early for Death
Death can take you to the most unexpected places.
Damien Lennon finds himself on a mysterious island… and dead. He has more questions than answers. Why? Where? How? What next? In a place where forests hide secrets and a leader rules with an iron fist, can Damien change his destiny?

2. The Right Time for Death
What if the dead didn’t wait quietly for their destiny?
Damien’s heartbreak turns to joy when his wife, Nancy, joins him in the afterlife. The future looks brighter and bigger than they could have ever imagined. Now he thinks he knows the reasons behind the curator’s Machiavellian tendencies. What can he do to make the most of his new path into the supernatural future?
But….. are larger forces at play?
When a between-realms vicar plans for the future, he finds that he has to rely on mortal souls to piece together his immortal jigsaw. How will he tackle the problems that being a supernatural middle-man brings?

3. Never Too Late for Death
Evil had never succeeded in touching a Limbo Island. Until Eloise got greedy. Can Damien and Hector defeat a never seen before nemesis, or will they need help from a higher authority?
Nancy teams up with Maxine to visit a mortal soul who needs a supernatural helping hand. Can they and their dog, Rocky, change destiny? Love is in the air for a certain person in the Lennon Isle circle of friends. Can they rationalise their newfound feelings and embrace eternal love?

From Jamaica to Eternity (Bonus Short Story)
Many things happen during a lifetime. And after it.
At the end of the war, a small family of three left Jamaica to forge a new life in London. The Williams family strive to make a better life for themselves, and getting off the Windrush marks the start of a new chapter. In the 1970s, racism was rife in London, and a chance meeting with thugs after an anti-racism march has drastic consequences for the family.

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