Killer Pointe by Kristi Helvig

Killer Pointe by Kristi Helvig
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 270 KB

Here are the two most important things to know:
1.I am going to be a professional dancer.
2.Every fairy tale you’ve ever read is a lie.
A prince didn’t rescue Rapunzel from her ivory tower nor did a huntsman save Little Red Riding Hood from a voracious wolf.
I did.

The men might get all the credit for it but I’m the one who makes bank. Sure, the official versions of these stories are altered in books but I’m good with that. I have bigger goals—like Juilliard School type goals.
Shifting between my world, with its ballet classes and homework, to the parallel world of Liralelle, with its witches and trolls, can be jarring at times but I’ve gotten the hang of it. That is, until the day a troll crashes my Sleeping Beauty audition and I’m asked to kill the most fearsome witch of all. Yet the pay for this final job will cover my entire Juilliard tuition—if only I can live long enough to make it there.

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