Kidnap by Philip McCutchan

When Ernest Blundy is released from prison, he finds that his wife, Ag, expects him to get a decent job and earn properly.
Doing just that proves to be too much of a task for him, so when an old acquaintance offers him the chance to earn something more, Blundy takes it. Except, the something more involves the kidnapping of a millionaire’s son.

A dream come true? Not for Ernest Blundy who has neither the stomach for the job nor the guts to turn it down. Not when his contact is a big-shot who could make or break him.
Ag and Ernest capture the young boy at Brands Hatch and make a daring escape to a remote cottage in Yorkshire, which belongs to Ag’s aunt. But with Ag’s aunt recovering from a recent surgery, Ernest and Ag have to be very careful that the boy is not seen or heard. Especially with nurses popping around. But things take an unexpected turn rather drastically and Blundys are left to deal with a rather smart-mouthed young man, who has quite accurately figured out the Blundys.
The Blundys have to come up with another plan, and fast. Time is against them … and some things will simply not last until summer!

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller