It’s Not the End: And Other Lies by Matt Moore

It’s Not the End: And Other Lies by Matt Moore
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.5 MB

All these worlds, and more, await you . . .
Only able to recall the memories of others, a ghost must solve the mystery of his own death. The zombie apocalypse is the gateway to a higher human consciousness. An amusement park of the future might turn you into the attraction. An engineer-turned-mercenary races to kill the savior of mankind. After the sky falls, can anyone still hope?
Twenty-one horror and science fiction tales of the bizarre, the terrifying, the all-too-near future.

Delta Pi
The Machinery of Government
Full Moon Hill
Silverman’s Game
They Told Me to Shuffle Off This Mortal, Infinite Loop
That Which Does Not Kill You
In the Shadow of Scythe
But It’s Not The End
Only At The End Do You See What Follows
The Walls of Gloves
Of The Endangered
Brief Candles
The Pack
The Thing That Killed Her
The Leaving
You’re A Winner
The Weak Son
While Gabriel Slept
Touch the Sky, They Say

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction