Into the Dread Void by Abe Moss

Into the Dread Void by Abe Moss
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | eBook | 350 KB


When the Void calls… HE answers.
The first in a chilling and imaginative new series by horror author Abe Moss, Into the Dread Void begins the story of an unlikely duo—Nell, a foul-mouthed orphan with an unusual gift, and Hux, an otherworldly man with a knack for destroying otherworldly things—and their union against a universe teeming with horrors the likes of which our world has never fathomed…

After years of being shuffled through foster care, fourteen-year-old Nell Parrish can hardly believe her luck when she meets her newest foster family. Kind and accepting, the Palmers are everything she’s ever hoped for. However, during a weekend trip to the Palmers’ summer cabin, Nell’s hopes are threatened when a dark storm rolls in, along with something else lurking in the downpour…

Hux is no stranger to the horrors of our universe. After all, it’s his job to stop them when they breach the Void—the glue which binds and separates our universe’s many dimensions. So when he’s summoned to track down yet another trespassing entity, it’s business as usual. That is, until the trail leads him to her—a teenage girl whose peculiar nature seems to have earned her the entity’s fixation, much to the peril of those around her…

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