Internal Affairs by Jerry Oster

Internal Affairs by Jerry Oster
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 315 KB

Somebody torches an abandoned uptown hotel called the Raleigh —and sixteen homeless squatters die in the blaze. Soon after, somebody puts a bullet through Chuck Story’s neat Izod shirt, right above the alligator, and adds a few grisly touches to the crime. The Raleigh fire is news, but Chuck Story’s murder is a screaming headline—because young multimillionaire Chuck Story was the new Police Commissioner of New York City.

Sergeant Joe Cullen, Internal Affairs Unit, is part of the department cops hate: he polices the police, he judges the judges, he arrests his own. He and his partner Neil Zimmerman are among the detectives assigned to investigate the Commissioner’s murder. It’s an internal affair in more ways than one for Cullen: he and Story were boyhood friends, and the prime suspect is another friend, a man who has devoted his life to helping the homeless.

As the city simmers in the hottest summer in recent memory, Joe Cullen uncovers traces of corruption in very high places—information so explosive that people would kill to keep it secret. Now just being around Cullen becomes risky business—and those who just might get killed are his partners; his lover, city reporter Ann Jones; and his old neighborhood sweetheart, Story’s sister, now a world-famous movie actress.

Before it’s over Joe Cullen will find his principles and his loyalties put to the test. He’ll discover what happens when the thin blue line between law and disorder blurs, and how far cops will go to protect their own. He’ll also discover how deeply buried are the secrets of even intimate friends.

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