Humble Beginnings by Greg Alldredge

Humble Beginnings by Greg Alldredge
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 251 KB

Not everyone in space is a hero…
… Some just struggle to survive in this crazy universe.
Far Reach Station was a dream never fully realized.
Built in deep space at the terminus of the Ring Network, the station became a port of call for adventurers, traders, and scoundrels from an untold number of worlds, each with hidden agendas.
Most people that call the station home just want to make an extra ration of water to make life a little more comfortable. Some want to lord over their small patch of deck plate.

Take your pick of professions, Private Investigator, Troubadour, Miner, or Delivery; all jobs take on an air of the dangerous while working in space. This is a place where villainy or heroism is only a question of choice.
This collection is about common souls stuck in a tin can millions of miles from home, all trying to survive in an environment surrounded by the unknown. A place where change is the only constant.
A station where humans are a rarity, struggling like the rest to find their place in the cosmos.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction