His Good Deeds by Robin Mahle

His Good Deeds by Robin Mahle (Kate Reid #13)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 347 KB

This was what FBI Special Agent Kate Reid wanted, a shot to be the lead profiler. After Jonathan Surrey steps aside, Kate is given that shot. However, she quickly learns that there is no safety net. The sword is hers to fall on.
Kate’s skills are put to the test when a case in Pittsburgh draws national attention. A serial bomber targets those he deems to be a detriment to society. What’s more disturbing is that the murders are livestreamed on social media for all to see.

So when the BAU team arrives in Pittsburgh, Agent Grant Tillis from the local field office and ATF Agent Chris Stallard are knee deep in the investigation. The outside help is less than welcome.
Now, the weight bears down on Kate for the first time as she struggles to build her profile, offering little more than what the agents already know. The attacks escalate, and the entire city is on edge. They look to her for answers she doesn’t yet have.

The hard-fought position was everything Kate thought she wanted. But obstacles from both inside and outside the Bureau get in the way, and what comes to light may lead to the end of all she has worked for.

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