Four Corners War by Ted Clifton

Four Corners War by Ted Clifton (Pacheco & Chino Mysteries #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 962 KB

Rejoin Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino in their latest adventure unraveling a maze of misdeeds involving wealth, power, political corruption and Navajo warriors. Farmington, New Mexico located in the Four Corners area where four states meet is about to experience a level of crime and mayhem never seen before. The local sheriff has abandoned his post and taken old military equipment, including a tank, off to Colorado to prepare for the beginning of the end. Left behind is the body of his wife, who was having an affair with the richest man in town. Money, sex and all known sins come into play in a small town drama that will take Pacheco and Chino into a conflict that will involve many of the good citizens of Farmington and the nearby Navajo Nation.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller