Forecast Murder by Linda Mather

Forecast Murder by Linda Mather (Astrology Private Detective #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 417 KB

Jo has always dreamed of making it as a professional astrologer. But her practical Virgo soul also recognizes she has to pay the bills, too. When she hears about a part-time job with Macy and Wilson, a private investigation agency, she is more than a little bit curious.

Her new boss (a classic Cancer, and handsome to boot) starts her off with some routine telephone traces. Jo is sure she can make this work alongside her true passion — astrology.

But then a man is shot dead, and his sometime lover is found dead in a bath in the Wellington Hotel. Now Jo is really in over her head . . . Will the victim’s horoscope help unravel what happened at the hour of his death?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller