Fear by John W. Mefford

Fear by John W. Mefford (The Ball & Chain #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 380 KB

His heart beats. Barely.
Each thump pounds his mind deeper into oblivion.
And he wonders — How did I get here?
A father goes missing. Not just any father. But a person once worshipped for his world-class talent.
Enter the most unconventional team around: Willow Ball and Cooper Chain.
As a nurse at the community clinic, Willow has seen the painful effects of heroin addiction. But now she’s compelled to help a grieving wife and mother.
Dodging the mob at every turn, Cooper has a plan to bring them down while getting traction on his upstart career. Is he marching into a trap?
With their relationship bordering the “friends with benefits” stage, Willow and Cooper team up to find the missing person. But it’s not that simple. Nothing with them is ever simple.
The hunt corkscrews into an impossible maze of events — their lives threatened by a swarm of twisted deviants and social misfits.
Emotions run rampant, stoking one savage response after another. A spark ignites the hate, but what is the real fuel for this wave of brutal crimes?
Ultimately, can Willow and Cooper save a family from the torment before it’s too late?
Only if they can overcome their own…fear.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller