Fantastic Trains by Neil Enock (Editor)

Fantastic Trains: An Anthology of Phantasmagorical Engines and Rail Riders by Neil Enock (Editor)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 840 KB

Book your ticket now for a trip to the future, the past, and the timeslips in between
Through the eloquent prose and imaginings of eighteen tellers of tales, we are pleased to present to you a collection of stories-on-a-train that will transport you to tantalizing worlds that you simply cannot imagine.
Perhaps no other anthology in-living-memory encapsulates such wholehearted, ill fated, poignant, and even hallucinogenic stories with such grace and balance as those contained in this volume. These stories span the genres of literary fiction, steampunk, space opera, futurism, tragedy, magical realism, slipstream, horror, comedy, urban fantasy and more.

In all, a sizzling collection, curated by Neil Enock (who is a train aficionado, podcaster, screenwriter and filmmaker), featuring high-voltage, off-the-rail entertainments that are feature rich with characters who are: schemers, dreamers, adventurers, lovers, detectives, rogues, and more; and whose human weaknesses always seem to get the better of them.

Soul Train by Gavin Bradley
A Wish of Childhood by Melodie Leclerc
Beg A Little Changeling Boy by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Destination 1945 by Rachel Leidenfrost
Cursed by Kendall Eifler
Devil on the Night Train by Samuel Marzioli
Where All Roads End by Jason Lane
A Ring Around the World by Liam Hogan
The Memory Glass by Laurie Stewart
Special Delivery by Dwain Campbell
The Cake Run by Nick Svolos
Pluck Versus the Giant Rat of Sumatra by David Worsick
The Conductor by Maurice Forrester
Mr. Turner on the Great Western Railway by Michael Johnstone
The Boy on the Train by Neil Enock
The Siren and the Switch by Christine Hanolsy
One Way Journey by Peter Hargraves
The Horn of Winter by Jason Lane

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction