Family Matter by Robert Ullrich

Family Matter by Robert Ullrich (The Lazarus Chronicles #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 428 KB

Lazarus Solaris; international assassin and master of disguise, known only as The Chameleon in the criminal world has formed few lasting relationships over the years. People – more assets then friends. 6 people in the world came close to knowing him, and not one of them knew him completely. Even those that worked directly for Lazarus as the Chameleon never got close to him emotionally. Leonard James, his most loyal and trusted employee, a man who would give his life for Lazarus doesn’t know his boss personally. The closest knowing acquaintance, and mentor; Dr. Helen Hudson, Professor of Psychology at Chicago University. Lazarus grew to trust Dr. Helen and her husband Darnell; shock collar for the notorious Chicago street gang – The Dark Lords.
Katsumi Tanaka: far more than Lazarus’ personal assistant. She is like a daughter to him. Her love for Lazarus knows no bounds. She was rescued from a living hell in the dead of night. Lazarus, Dr. Helen and Darnell, gave Katsumi a new life. Lazarus rescued her from a sadistic brute named Sean O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Tao, the man who sold Katsumi into slavery, were dealt with by Lazarus – their cases remain unsolved, as does every one of the twenty plus kills on the Chameleons record.
Lazarus doesn’t always kill for money. He is as likely to kill out of sense of justice as he will for pay, nor will he always kill the contracted target. Lazarus has a code of his own; as judge, jury and executioner. Katsumi d we a thorough background on every target. Dan and Mary Jo Grimsrud are alive today because Lazarus judged them to be good people. As for the man who paid to have them killed? He died in an explosion near Buenos Aires, Argentina. the Chameleon contracted to move there.

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