Era of Evil by Spenser Warren

Era of Evil by Spenser Warren (Callahan Boyle #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 365 KB

A former hit man craves revenge. His ex-mafia boss has a new hit to sanction. How many lives will be at stake in their never ending quest for vengeance?

Former Chicago mafia hit man Callahan Boyle is incensed. Still reeling from the loss of the only woman he ever loved, Cal wants nothing more than revenge against the man that killed her. Cal’s adoptive father and old mafia boss, Alfredo Petrocelli, has his own measure of vengeance to seek. When Alfredo takes drastic measures to lure Cal out of hiding and back to Chicago, including kidnapping a young girl and calling a retired hit man back to service, Cal knows he won’t have an easy time taking down his former leader.
Meanwhile, the Chicago PD is hot on the heels of a series of crimes that tie directly to Cal. When a renegade detective takes personal interest in these cases, Cal realizes he may have to place trust in a woman who’d love to see him behind bars if he wants any hope of saving the kidnapped girl. Can Cal escape his criminal past, get his revenge, and save the innocent victims lying in the mafia’s wake in order to end Alfredo Petrocelli’s Era of Evil?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller