Echoes of the Past by Evan Bond

Echoes of the Past by Evan Bond
English | 2020 | Horror | ePUB | 182 KB

For Sasha, leaving her abusive husband was almost as hard as living with him. He drinks, beats, and apologizes every day. She was stuck in an endless loop of abuse and regret. Some days she thought about giving up and ending her own life. Though, she couldn’t leave her daughter with that monster.

One day, she left and took her daughter Tara to a small town in Maine called Carlisle. The locals seemed cheery, friendly, and helpful. A typical New England small town. The fresh air and change of environment would be exactly what she and her daughter would need to start a new life. That is until a murderer begins claiming lives and the town becomes suspicious of Sasha. Consumed with fear, the town takes matters into their own hands and Sasha finds herself in a struggle for her life and the life of her daughter. Welcome to Carlisle, Maine. Our Lands Whisper with the Echoes of the Past.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction