Doomsday Apocalypse by Bobby Akart

A war was brewing within our borders.
Not a war with weapons, but one with words.
Until now. And so it begins …
From critically acclaimed author, Bobby Akart, Doomsday, a new post-apocalyptic survival thriller, is a gripping series of America on the edge of societal collapse and destined for war.
In Doomsday: Apocalypse, book one of the Doomsday series, it’s New Year’s Eve. As the ball drops in Times Square, Americans are preparing for a new year and a bright future. Instead they find themselves fighting for their lives as the fuse has been lit that sends the country into chaos.
With political rancor at an all-time high, the war of words had escalated, and a political war erupts. Americans are caught in the crosshairs of societal unrest and a shadowy group stoking the fires of discontent burning in America. Words are replaced by weapons as neighbor turns on neighbor, and powerful forces stop at nothing to reshape a nation in turmoil.
America has become embroiled in something more than a clash of ideologies. She now faces a battle in which the blood of patriots and tyrants would be shed.
As Americans struggle to survive, some sought a place of safety where they could ride out the coming storm. However, even if they can overcome the threats confronting them, will they bear witness to an America hell-bent on destroying itself?
This is a story of a nation divided, on the cusp of a second civil war, and what that portends for our future. Remember, all empires collapse eventually, and America will be no exception.

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Categories:   Fantasy