Divided We Fall by Cory Barclay

Divided We Fall by Cory Barclay
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 532 KB

Iceland, 930 AD—Magnus has lost the taste for war and raiding. Living as a farmer in Iceland, his family struggles to survive the brutal winter. He knows his best chance to save the ones he loves is to travel across the seas under the orders of his chieftain, Geir, so that he can amass wealth and bring it home.

But Magnus and Geir have a long, grim history. A blood feud fuels their every decision. The two Viking warriors’ fates are inextricably entwined. Magnus must tread a dangerous path, as he knows Geir will do anything in his power to make sure Magnus never returns from his overseas journey, and that his family suffers while he’s gone.
Can Magnus return before disaster strikes at the heart of his family? Or will he have to dust off his axe and shield and bring war to his own valley?

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction