Death and Other Holidays by Marci Vogel

The 2017 Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize winner, this debut fiction introduces a distinctive new American voice.

Funny, tender, and wholly original, Death & Other Holidays is a year in the life of a young woman coming to terms with the death of her beloved stepfather, while attempting to find love in LA. We are introduced to her friends and family, as she struggles to launch herself out into the world, to take the risks of love—the one constancy in all the change.

Told with a great good humor and underlying affection for all her characters, Death and Other Holidays announces a brilliant and assured new voice in American fiction.

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Categories:   Contemporary


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    There is now a problem when I try and convert epub to PDF which started around two weeks ago, therefore can you please correct it and then let me know. Thank you. I have three online converters:
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