Dead Lucky: Gripping British crime thriller by Lee Wood

The drug addicts are causing havoc for the police and the community and making the centre of Trentbridge a no-go zone. It’s all down to a new illegal substance called ‘Monkey Dust’ that is far more powerful than Heroin, yet sells for a fraction of the price.
The police believe it’s being supplied by the O’Connor’s. A local criminal family who never let anything or anyone get in their way. But unless they can prove it the entire town is in danger of being brought to its knees.
If they can’t stop these criminals then maybe there’s someone who can?
Roger Maynard and the O’Connor’s have crossed paths before. All he wants is justice. But just how far is he prepared to go? And does he really stand a chance against a hardened criminal family who has spent years outsmarting the police?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller