Dark Fury by Evan Graver

Dark Fury by Evan Graver
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 345 KB

A daring prison escape… a ruthless drug cartel… and a woman hell bent for revenge
Former Navy EOD tech turned commercial diver Ryan Weller killed a man in self-defense in Venezuela before being captured by the country’s remorseless secret police and tortured as an American spy. Fearing he won’t live to see another day, he jumps at the chance to escape when an old foe shows up. She’ll help him break out of prison, but he must help her assassinate a cold-blooded Mexican cartel leader in return.
Their first attempt goes spectacularly wrong and they must flee Mexico and regroup. Danger lies at every turn as they formulate a new plan because the cartel leader smells blood. After executing everyone who helped the two assassins, the cartel leader goes into hiding. What Ryan doesn’t know is that in order to draw the cartel leader out, he’s going to be the bait—staked out like a goat for slaughter.
Will this be Ryan’s final mission or will he find a way to escape?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller