Cry for Help by Clara Lewis

Cry for Help by Clara Lewis
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 505 KB

The small town of Beaumont is idyllic and the perfect holiday destination. However, the town hides a dark secret.

In a span of a few decades, a series of murders happened. Not only has it terrified the residents who were proud residents of the town, but it has affected the number of tourists that want to visit the town.

Girls, with their ages ranging from 13 to 16 have been disappearing and showing up dead. Unfortunately, the police and the residents are unable to find who has been killing their girls. They have all but given up.
Until Evelynn Prescott is called in. Evelynn is a private investigator who is called in to solve the case as part of a grieving grandmother’s dying wish. Her granddaughter was the most recent case.

Now she must race against time to complete this case before her client dies and before the killer strikes again.

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