Consensual Hex by Amanda Harlowe

Consensual Hex by Amanda Harlowe
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 600 KB

When Lee, a first year at Smith, is raped under eerie circumstances during orientation week by an Amherst frat boy, she’s quickly disillusioned by her lack of recourse. As her trauma boils within her, Lee is selected for an exclusive seminar on Gender, Power, and Witchcraft, where she meets Luna (an alluring Brooklyn hipster), Gabi (who has a laundry list of phobias), and Charlotte (a waifish, chill international student).

Granted a charter for a coven and suddenly in possession of real magic, the four girls are tasked by their aloof Professor with covertly retrieving a grimoire that an Amherst fraternity has gotten their hands on. But when the witches realize the frat brothers are using magic to commit and cover up sexual assault all over Northampton, their exploits escalate into vigilante justice. As Lee’s thirst for revenge on her rapist grows, things spiral out of control, pitting witch against witch as they must wrestle with how far one is willing to go to heal.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction


  • Posted: October 14, 2020 09:11


    idk if anyone will see this but please check out the goodreads reviews. This book is a huge MESS. it was based off irl ppl, and not the usual vague, can't sue me for this references. Like, actual schools, hospitals where they were born at, personal experiences of abuse and trauma, etc etc were all ripped off by the author from a group of friends she met nearly a decade ago. It's a mess. Holy shit. Also the book sucks but that's not the point.