City of Vikings by Farah Cook

Nora Hunt is the last of her kind from an aristocratic bloodline of Viking assassins. She is chosen by the Norse gods, to carry the map of nine Viking worlds, Yggdrasil, which is tattooed on her back. Nora was blessed by the gods with rare gifts and will become powerful when she finds the assassin weapons. With her unique gifts, she must serve and protect the Goth Empire – the oldest standing Viking monarchy, from its enemy – Verans. Her mission as assassin is to get to City of Vikings, where her father is in exile and discover the powerful Viking weapons before the enemy. The Goth Empire is in danger from Verans – who hold possession of the artifacts that call for Yggdrasil and are getting closer in finding the cryptic symbols that will open the gates to the nine worlds. The battle for Yggdrasil is about to begin. Who will rule the nine worlds of the Vikings? With a confined monarchy and weak senate trusting her to liberate them, and a heart devoted to her sworn enemy, which side will Nora chose? And will she discover the assassin weapons and win the perilous battle for the worlds of the Vikings?

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Categories:   Fantasy