Brand New Dark: Bishop Rider Book by Beau Johnson

Brand New Dark: Bishop Rider Book by Beau Johnson
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Bishop Rider Lives! And for a dead man, he’s been busy. His story and the parts of it yet to be told being what populates Brand New Dark. Unseen moments pulled from between the pages of A Better Kind of Hate, The Big Machine Eats, and All of Them to Burn. Twenty-five new tales that bridge what came before and expand upon what can only come after.

Coming Home
Slick Ribbon
The Auctioneer
Men of the Cloth
The Struggle Continues
Mama Westmoreland’s Son
New Toys
Late to the Game
For Batista
It Never Changes
Bowels In, Bowels Out
Before the Storm
Upstanding Citizens
Judgement from Above
Precast and Reinforced
Mission Bound/Pot Committed
Long Past Gone
The Beginning of the End
Greater Than the Sum of My Parts
Call Me Ishmael
Days of Body Parts Past
The Bottom of Things
Old Man Rider

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