Boiling Point by Isaac T. Hooke

Boiling Point by Isaac T. Hooke (Ethan Galaal #4)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 355 KB

Target: Dr. Kiana Avesta.
Profile: Nuclear scientist.
Mission: Extract and protect.
Ethan Galaal and his team are sent to Iran to extract a nuclear scientist who has made a discovery that could transform uranium production.
When a rival force arrives to take her out, things take a turn for the worse.

A game of cat and mouse ensues as Ethan and his team move the scientist across Europe in a bid to save her. But no place is safe. The pursuers can’t be lost.
When one of their own is captured, Ethan must make a choice. Give up the scientist or abandon his teammate to certain death.
What would you do at your Boiling Point?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller