Blood of the Isir Omnibus by Erik Henry Vick

Blood of the Isir Omnibus by Erik Henry Vick (#0.5 ,1-3)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 3 MB

An award winning epic dark fantasy series steeped in Norse mythology spanning more than 2000 pages. Pick up the entire series in this single volume and follow Hank’s epic quest!

0.5 Wendigo
Something wicked hunts men in the forest. Can two friends, a white colonial New Yorker and an Onondowaga warrior, protect their families and each other?
Everyone respects John Calvin Black—he believes in rational explanations, and he treats everyone with respect. Donehogawa is a brave man, a respected warrior, and a leader of the Onondowaga tribe living in proximity. The two men grew up together, sharing the teachings of both cultures between them.
When the two friends examine the scene of a brutal murder, Donehogawa claims an evil spirit committed the crime. John trusts his friend, so belief comes easy. The other colonists… Some colonists can’t accept the “native superstitions,” and blame the murder on one of the Onondowaga or one of the other tribes in the area. Even John believes Donehogawa is holding something back.
The evil stalking the forests emerges, casting stealth aside, and makes demands of both John and Donehogawa—demands that neither man can accept. Faced with an impossible choice, each man makes his own decision and must live with the results.

1. Errant Gods
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.
Hank Jenson is a broken man. His health is ruined—along with his peace of mind. A pair of psychopaths called the Bristol Butchers destroyed his fifteen-year career as one of New York’s best criminal profilers. Health in ruins, his failure to catch them is a constant source of pain. His only respite is his family and when they disappear, Hank decides his time for doing nothing is over. He renews his pursuit, and the Butchers lead him to dark, desolate places that shake his beliefs. Along the way, Hank faces mythical beings and ancient evils. The Bristol Butchers stole his career, his health, his peace of mind. All he wants to do is return the favor.

2. Rooms of Ruin
Monsters are real, and Hank Jensen has met some of the worst the multiverse has to offer. As a result, he bears the curse of a hateful, malignant god—a horrid disease that has disabled him.
Hank fought demons, dragons, and mythical beings to rescue his wife and son, but the battle left the family trapped in the realm of the Isir. As his dark curse continues to ravage his body, Hank, his family, and his Isir friends must travel to an ancient, faraway place—the Rooms of Ruin—to reopen the pathways that connect the two worlds.
But the Dark Queen isn’t done with them. She has issued only one command to her servants: drive the Jensen family into the trap she’s laid. That’s not all she has planned, though. She has a secret plan—someone she’s manipulated into betraying them. Will they discover the traitor in time? How will they avoid the Dark Queen’s trap? What other dangers await them along their path?

3. Wild Hunt
Dragons, demons, gods… How much worse can one man’s fight to save his family, his people, and his planet get?
When Hank Jensen began his journey to save his family, he learned his enemies possessed godlike power. Undaunted, he fought on, saved his family, and won the battle for control of the Rooms of Ruin, but both Hel and Luka escaped. Hot on Luka’s trail, Hank learns the true stakes of his struggle—stakes that go beyond the fate of his family, of Mithgarthr and Osgarthr.
Hank continues his quest, expanding his own abilities and knowledge, making new friends and allies…but also making new, even more powerful enemies. Can he hope to win this battle against ancient beings who hold the fate of the entire universe in their hands?

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