Atlas Arising by Liam Scott

Atlas Arising by Liam Scott
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The Earth is in Ruins…Mars Awaits..

In the days before, the countless souls that inhabited planet Earth were content in their existence. The blazing sun nourished their gardens and the crescent moon fed their dreams as it rose high into the velvet-dark sky.

Mankind only knew of the splendor of green grass, the cerulean blue of a summer sky. However, the Earth could only last so long beneath careless hands. The ones that came before abused the planet that they called home, draining its resources until the Earth had nothing left to give. The haven that had sheltered them, given them life and prosperity, was reduced to nothing but a desolate shell.

Factions rose to power in the wake of ruin. From the scattered ashes, the Alliance was forged. With the aim of extinguishing the spreading havoc as the planet fell into despair, the Alliance quickly gained support and ascended to sovereignty. Two brothers, young and untested, came into their power as if they had been there all along.

As the years passed and the days grew long, something shifted within the ruling faction. The younger of the two brothers fell into darkness, severing the Alliance to form the traitorous Shadow Regime. In light of the separation, both factions grasped for power. The planet fell deeper into combat and far away, sitting amongst the stars like a crimson beacon, the red planet sat in wait.

As populations all over the globe slowly rose to immeasurable magnitudes and war continued to contaminate the soil, it seemed the only way for humanity to flourish was to escape into the stars. Mars, mankind’s first hope, was a frigid counterpart to the warm Earth. It’s thin atmosphere seemed almost unable to support life and the Martian landscape appeared inhospitable.

For years, the warring factions built and rebuilt space vessels capable of interplanetary travel, determined to claim the red planet. The Alliance were the first to step cautious feet onto the Martian dust and there, they erected the start of civilization. Now, the colonization of Mars grows ever more crucial as the Earth slowly suffocates under the weight of its own people and each faction will do whatever it takes to ascend to power, no matter the cost.

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