Asteroid Diversion by Bobby Akart

Asteroid Diversion by Bobby Akart (Gunner Fox Trilogy #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 745 KB

Space is far from empty.
It’s full of debris leftover from the formation of our solar system.
Sometimes asteroids are on a collision course with Earth.
Can we tame them before they destroys us?
DIVERSION places Gunner Fox, a United States Air Force Test Pilot and Earth Scientist on a collision course with a planet killing asteroid.
In a time of desperation NASA needs the most fearless fighter pilot for a life or death mission. They need Gunner Fox. Can they convince the man who blames them for taking his wife, help them divert the asteroid hurtling to earth and avoid another extinction level event?
When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction