Ashes Remain by Alethea Stauron

Ashes Remain by Alethea Stauron (Weapon of War #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 978 KB

Camouflaged from Josephine, but now more than ever in love with her. His enemies have devise a clever trap to bring him out of hiding for good. Lucius is stuck battling an untouchable enemy. As mind games play a sinister part in the soldier’s success, he hopes to rid Josephine’s house of his worst advisory yet — the new guy.Contributing to society, Josephine sublets a room in her house to a seemingly harmless individual. A man claiming catastrophic woes of life and reaching out for help one last time, reaching out to Josephine and pulling her directly in the path of disaster. Behind closed doors, the new tenant — Drake — is not as first described. Lucius is forced in watching Josephine endure trials beyond his protection. Out of the realm of his authority and granted permission. But he has his ways of balancing the scales when hiding in plain sight. Lucius stays busy finding avenues of evicting the new tenant, and with every obstacle, another hurdle. When Lucius stares face-to-face with the other guy, laws might be broken… and rules bent, but Lucius is one step to his destiny.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction