Arctic Gold by John Man

Arctic Gold by John Man
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 MB

Murmansk, Russia, 1942. The HMS Edinburgh is sailing deep in Russian territory, a bulwark against Nazi invaders. Among the eight-hundred-strong crew is Mike Cox, a sixteen-year-old boy from the East End, London who is about to be thrown into the heat of war.

A Russian ship approaches the Edinburgh with a very precious cargo—over a thousand tons of gold—as payment from the Soviet Union for the Royal Navy’s protection. Now the English ship is tasked with safeguarding a fortune as well as the Barents Sea. But when a German U-boat fires torpedoes at the Edinburgh’s hull, the crew must fight for their lives . . . and Mike is one of only a few survivors to escape from the wreck as the gold sinks eight hundred feet to the bottom of the sea.
After making his way back to London, Mike finds himself more alone than ever. He starts training to become a diver with one objective in mind: to rescue that precious Arctic gold. But he’ll have to act quick—he’s not the only one looking for it . . .

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller