Against the Shoals by T.K. Szepesi

Against the Shoals by T.K. Szepesi
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 423 KB

Nick Connor emerged from a turbulent childhood in the projects to become a high-powered partner at an elite New York law firm. While leading a professionally fulfilling but emotionally sterile life, he meets and is retained by Maddie Monnehan, an alluring, award-winning poet who has confessed to shooting her husband, Senator Andrew Monnehan.

As Nick mounts Maddie’s defense and fights to unravel the secrets lurking within a seemingly unwinnable case, he is plunged into reliving his own hellish nightmares. He is haunted by his past, consumed by traumatic events that defined and devastated his youth. Nick believes that his redemption now lies in the pursuit of justice.

Maddie’s high-profile case presents Nick with perplexing dead ends. She is fiercely reluctant to provide information that could help him exonerate her. There is also Maddie’s disturbing relationship with the eligible Chris Logan, the Attorney General for the State of New York. And above all, there is the mystery shrouding Maddie’s past. In his quest for justice, redemption, and love, Nick remains determined to prove Maddie’s innocence.

This is a tale of loss, survival, and desire, and how some ghosts refuse to be vanquished. It is a powerful love story, deploying the courtroom drama as a vehicle to explore the terrain of dark secrets and the factors that shape one’s character and behavior. This complex emotional ride asks the age-old question: are our actions borne of choice or are they preordained by our past? And ultimately: does love conquer all?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller