Abyssal by David Annandale

Prisoner on a Black Ship, surrounded by dangerous psykers and the terrifying Sisters of Silence, Aveth Vairon is hopeful… because this is the moment he has been guided to. But what awaits him?

It’s a dark and horrific tale set in the depths of a Black Ship in the midst of battle and shows how destiny and death intertwine as Chaos grips the galaxy.

On one of the feared Black Ships, Aveth Vairon, a humble Administratum scribe cowers in a cell. Imprisoned by the Silent Sisters, cowed by their mind-numbing aura and terrified by their situation, he nevertheless feels hope. For Aveth was guided to where he is now by a greater power. For years, he has followed a twisting rune in his mind, guiding him to this moment… and to another prisoner, a faceless woman of great power who he knows will put him on the path to his destiny. But as the Black Ship comes under attack, will that destiny come to pass, or be thwarted by the whims of fate?

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Categories:   Fantasy