A User’s Guide to Make-Believe by Jane Alexander

A User’s Guide to Make-Believe by Jane Alexander
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 547 KB

You create the fantasy. They control your mind.

Cassie McAllister worked at Imagen, the tech giant behind the cutting-edge virtual reality experience Make-Believe, and she got to know the product far too well. Now Cassie has been blocked from Make-Believe and legally gagged by the company. With Imagen holding all the cards and personal and public freedoms at stake, how far will she go to expose their deception?

What is Make-Believe? Whatever you want it to be. Ever wanted to fly? Live out your ultimate fantasies? Tell your boss what you think of them? The only limit is you.

Cassie McAllister had the perfect job – bringing Make-Believe to life. Now the dream has been shattered, the nightmare has begun…

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction