A Binding Of Echoes by Kalyn Crowe

A Binding Of Echoes by Kalyn Crowe
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 355 KB

Philomena devoted her brilliance to the country’s oppressive theocracy, the Order of Zirore. But an anonymous accusation linked her to loathed Abyss magic, and she died a heretic. How remains a mystery as only her infant daughter, Meredith, survived the night.
Eighteen years later, Meredith dwells in the shadow of Philomena’s last days. The Order suppressed her magic and exiled her from the capital. Fear and mistrust from others leave her isolated.
Today, magical Abyss attacks plague the country. It is in these dark days Philomena’s past machinations afford Meredith an opportunity.

The day before she died, Philomena magically Sealed her office in the capital. Not a soul has entered since. Surely she hid her unique magical techniques within, including how to disarm the Abyss attacks.
Secretly, the Order’s lead investigator believes Meredith is the key to the office. Yet even he can’t bring her back into the city, at least not legally. It’s a dangerous idea.
Success could lead Meredith to the truth about her mother and, possibly, clear her name. Failure means, at best, her life, at worst, Inquisition. Any chance for absolution is worth it.
With a false identity, she sneaks into the capital. There she’ll find friends, including a beautiful girl and a charismatic chimera. But face to face with her mother’s past, Meredith learns her disguise is not the only secret about who, or what, she is.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction